Interview by Vectortuts+

Thank you for being with my broken English as always.
I was interviewed by Michelle Krasniak Oxman on Vectortuts+. Interview
How I became an illustrator is written here. I’m sure there are many styles for many
different people in different countries, but this is how we work in Japan.
I'm glad if you enjoy this articles :)

Thank you so much Michelle and Vectortuts+!
I really appreciate your giving me this great opportunity.

Michelle Krasniak Oxman


Vectortuts+ というベクターツールのチュートリアルサイトでインタビューされました。
Hyakuの簡単な経歴や趣味のことが書かれています。お時間ある際に読んで頂けたら幸いです ^_^(英文の記事です)